Kai Ikaika Paddling Club offers year-round competitive and recreational level Outrigger Canoe paddling for adults. Currently, the club only offers a limited amount of competitive dragon boat opportunities that are by invitation only. 

New members or those interested in joining the club are invited to participate in a trial period with the club to ensure that both the club and the sport are a good fit. If you are interested in joining the Kai Ikaika Outrigger Canoe program, please read through the following information and then contact us to arrange a time to come out for your first trial practice.

Thank you very much for your interest in our paddling club. We are more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have and invite you to come experience the joy of paddling!

New Paddler Information Packet

Interested in giving Kai ikaika a try? Download the new paddler information packet now or read through the information below.


Kai Ikaika New/Trial Paddler Information

  • Program Options

    Kai Ikaika Paddling Club offers both competitive and recreational level Outrigger Canoe paddling for adults. Currently, the club only offers a limited number of competitive dragon boating opportunities by invitation only. More about our programs:

    Competitive Dragon Boat Program
    This program focuses on a 20 person crew paddling dragon boats in a sprint race of either 250, 500 or 2000 meter distances. Competitive level paddlers commit to a rigorous training regimen as well as attendance to regular scheduled practices. This discipline focuses on fitness, technique, teamwork, team cohesion and race strategy. Kai Ikaika participates in 2‐3 main race events every year, starting with the Alcan Dragon Boat festival held in Vancouver, BC and finishing with the Portland Dragon Boat festival held in downtown Portland, Oregon.

    Competitive Outrigger Program
    This program focuses on a 6 person crew paddling an outrigger canoe in long distance races of 9 miles up to 20 miles. Competitive level paddlers commit to a rigorous year-round training regimen, participation in small boat (OC1 or OC2) winter training and racing as well as attendance to regularly scheduled crew practices. This discipline focuses on fitness,
    technique, teamwork, team cohesion and race strategy. Crews can be comprised of all women, all men or a combination of 3 men and 3 women for a mixed crew.

    Recreational Outrigger Program
    Kai Ikaika is glad to offer outrigger paddling opportunities to everyone including beginners and club members who cannot commit to the rigorous training and commitment expected in the Competitive Program. In this program, you will enjoy learning the sport and possibly have an opportunity to experience racing

  • New/Trial Paddlers

    To allow everyone an opportunity to decide if paddling is something they want to pursue as a full‐time sport, Kai Ikaika offers a “trial period” to newcomers. The trial period typically runs for 30 days, which may be extended at the discretion of the President or Head Coach. During the trial period the trial paddler is invited to experience outrigger paddling during our open club practice times, which are regularly scheduled throughout the year.

    All required waivers must be completed by the trial paddler and kept on file at the dock. The sport of outrigger or dragon boat paddling is physically demanding both muscularly and cardiovascular. Newcomers are expected to bring a good level of physical fitness and be capable of swimming or treading water without assistance. Anyone with known injuries or physical limitations should not participate without first consulting a doctor.

    During the 30 day trial period, all trial paddlers will be evaluated by the President, Head Coach and two members of the club. Since paddling is a team sport requiring positive attitudes, team work, coach-ability and camaraderie, new paddlers that are considering joining our club are expected to exhibit these behaviors.

  • Guest Paddlers

    From time to time, Kai Ikaika will invite guest paddlers to compete with the club who may or may not belong to other paddling clubs throughout the Pacific Northwest and Canada. These guest paddlers are typically high caliber, experienced paddlers with a high level of physical fitness that are invited when the boat or crew are short paddlers heading into a competitive race event.

  • Practice Location and Schedule

    Outrigger canoes are stored at River Place Marina located at 315 SW Montgomery, Portland, Oregon. The dock is secured and a gate key is required for entrance. Trial paddlers will need to be escorted by a club member.

    Open club outrigger practices are typically held on Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm. Established crews within the club hold crew practices at different days and times throughout the week. Practice schedules are subject to change and may vary with the seasons.

  • Membership

    Kai Ikaika Paddling Club offers paddling opportunities year round and consequently requires annual membership dues from all members regardless of how often they choose to participate or utilize club equipment.

    Members must pay their dues in full by March 31st. Currently, there are no initiation fees. The Board of Directors establish the annual dues
    and announce them at the annual club meeting held every December.

    There are 3 levels of memberships:
    Resident Members – Those members living inside the Portland/Vancouver Metro area (within 50 mile radius) pay $165

    Non‐resident Members – Those members living outside the 50 miles radius pay $50.00

    Guest Members – Those paddlers whom the club’s head coach has invited to paddle and represent Kai Ikaika for select one time outrigger or dragon boat racing events are NOT required to pay club membership dues.

    Member dues cover the ownership, maintenance and storage of club owned equipment and fees to dragon boat event entrance as approved by the Board of Directors. Member dues do not cover outrigger race fees, individual USACK membership, club uniforms, paddles or other related paddling equipment, travel and lodging.